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Arranged in approximate order of how much money you will/can earn (TOP=MOST), taking into consideration things like how much you earn per credit, how many credits you earn, and site staying up automatically.

Follow to sign up now! Surfing Ratio Timer (in seconds) Payout at: Comments:
NOMORECLICKING 1:0.5 15 $5.00 Like the Energizer Bunny!
AUTOSURF4CASH 1:0.5 15 $5.00 Low Maintenance!
AUTOVISITING 1:0.5 15 $7.50 Smooth site - keeps on ticking!
AUTOHITSNOW 1:0.7 30 $5.00 Earnings on lower side.
AUTOSURFNOW 1:0.7 25 $5.00 Earnings pretty low.
NUCLEARHITS 1:0.8 25 $5.00 Seems to have high load on your machine. Site down now and then. Also, cryptic info on how much you earn, may be moved up if I figure it out!
SERVERGRIDLOCK 1:0.5 25 $5.00 I just joined so payout info so far unavailable(only reason it is on the bottom of the list for now). May move up!
Removed Programs: skip these!
MEC-CO-OP-PAIDMAIL       First stopped auto-surf, then stopped hit exchange altogether.
Rollin-Hits I wasted my time so you don't have to     Questioned the 'sell your credits' policy; they do not pay you cash for the credits, you must sell them. I tried them anyway, and they seem to have many problems with the site, frequently doesn't let you log in (you are not authorized to view this page!), and probably deleted my account because I didn't go on often enough; although it is only because they didn't let me!

Will you get rich with paid to autosurf? NO! But you WILL DEFINITELY earn more money than you do while your computer sites there doing nothing. (well, you COULD get rich if the site you advertise explodes with all the extra web traffic!) (and you COULD get rich if you happen to stumble across a site or money making idea that will work perfectly for you)



Do NOT attempt to autosurf with a dial-up internet connection! (waste of time)


Do NOT attempt to autosurf without either a pop-up blocker, or a web browser that blocks pop-ups!


Most auto surf programs also have paid to click section, some also paid to read emails


Sign up AT LEAST for the top few paid to auto surf programs, and more if you have more time / resources


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